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Brought up in the Highlands of Scotland I have been playing the clàrsach (traditional Scottish harp) from a young age, and have been lucky enough to be tutored by some of Scotland's most well known harpists, including Heather Yule, Alison Kinnaird and Bill Taylor.

I have performed in the Inverness area as part of a small clàrsach ensemble and have also taken part, and helped teach, in the local Feis traditional music festivals.

More recently I have gained experience as a solo performer, playing at dinners, concerts and weddings across the Highlands, Aberdeenshire and Shetland.

My Clàrsach

I play a 34 string Ulysse by Camac Harps, France. This gorgeous instrument is constructed from a mixture of carbon fibre and wood, giving a beautiful resonant sound while also being light and easily transportable. 

It doesn't require any amplification for most venues when played as a solo instrument. However, it can also be used with a small amp if required for larger or outdoor venues.

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